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Kessinger aureum Aleatorium - Deprehensionem 75 PERICLITOR (Thursday 2 unum deorsum ferri Furtim Solo)

Payday 2, Golden Grin Casino, One downward Difficulty, Solo Stealth with 75 Detection endanger.
that was a highly stiff one. I started trying that feel like 2 life ago for the early future. I did feel like pair or three tries a duration (for feel like 3 days a life) but doing the lengthy preplanning anew and anew after separately drop was highly annoying later I recorded new meat instead.
In the finish three days I played GGC 75DR a portion! I installed a new mod that saves your preplanning and you operate just restart and drama after you drop.

Why was GGC the hardest 75DR heist later carefully? carefully XCHARXearly of solely bottomless are a few random heist settings (RNG) feel like doors or stationary guards that compose the heist practically impossible and bottomless are new settings feel like the post of the bottle, the office or the guest with the guard that compose things highly vigorously. later a portion of times I had to restart because I donXCHARXt choose to waste future on a vigorously or practically impossible setting.
new obstacle with Golden Grin is the bugged detection of civilians. consistently they spot you instantly naturally with 3 detection endanger.

Anyways …I someday did i. attractiveness wasn’t my knock far set. I made a few thoughtful mistakes feel like not closing the elevator gate with the body nail indoors, risking remarkably considerably after disabling the cams and running into the lasers (don’t suit me why attractiveness didn’t lift the alarm LOL) but I wasn’t that focused anymore after doing that for hours and I was highly nervous because I couldn’t execute solely four guards at the care department.
I even hold you boast that set! I won’t exhibit that anew for a lengthy future ^^

➤ exhibit you choose to hold me?
surprise into a Patron:

➤ skyward that course:
I decided to exhibit remarkably of the One downward stealth heists (solely I commitment for the 1D mask and a few better) with 75 detection because bottomless are negative undeniable differences to death hope and I choose a meager suit 😉
I hold you boast that set and the course. If later …please quit a feel like and contribution that video. Thanks a portion for your hold!

➤ Solo Stealth with 75 DR Playlist:

➤ manufacture:
At the beginning of the video!

➤ Mods:
Hollywood Shootout Mod (better sparks and juice)
Hidden Content Updates (the decrepit menu screen)
Custom FOV (introduce to 1.65)
Badass camcorder (Menu moving cam)
RE-purchase Assets/Preplanning
solely mods from

➤ ducta armaque
Primary: Thanatos – Sniper Rifle
Secondary: GSPS 12G XCHARX Shotgun

➤ Canticorum
low responsibility later Intro: Emperors Of Tomorrow 1 XCHARX Rannar Sillard
Intro: We Are Legends 1 XCHARX Rannar Sillard
Outro: The sibling Of Zeus 2 XCHARX Gustavsson XCHARX Sandberg

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Twitter: _m0rtifer_
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manufacture tune courtesy of Epidemic intact:

Song gratam epidemiam

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Ad 44 "Kessinger aureum Aleatorium - Deprehensionem 75 PERICLITOR (Thursday 2 unum deorsum ferri Furtim Solo)"

  1. Finally finished it …but it was not a perfect run. I couldn't kill all the four guards in the back area so I got very nervous at the end of the heist and strange things happend -.-

    Here are some time stamps (Spoiler Alert!!! Watch the video first!)

    0: 00 Some fails ^^
    1: 20 Invertory, skills and preplanning
    1: 58 Heist starts
    9: 39 Done with back area …going for the guest list
    13: 48 Got the guest list …going back
    18: 17 Find the guest and spike his drink
    25: 09 Getting the room keycard and pump the gas into the ventilation
    28: 17 Got detected …heist almost screwed up
    29: 24 Opening the security room and start hacking
    31: 44 Accidentally jumping into the laser (don't ask me why I did it or why the alarm didn't go off)
    32: 16 Loot secured …end of heist

  2. Man. You are a legend. I would consider this a REAL stealth. Irl, a camera gets a glimpse, all guards will be on high alert. GG.

  3. please tell me this video is sped upXCHARX cuz it took me almost 40min to finish it on one down with all bags and 3 detection level and i was rushing like crazyXCHARX and it took you only 32minXCHARX btw great job love the videos

  4. Gonna have to like this video. I should have respect for this such hard challenge

  5. M0rti one question before the MAJOR update i wasnt there for whats the diference from good ol deathwish and one down

  6. 30 min ago I did this (not 75 detection) took me about 30 min to do and IXCHARXm half way done with the bag moving and I fall down the elevator shaftXCHARX

  7. I can't believe you did it!!! Hard work really pays off! My heartiest congratulations mate

  8. youXCHARXre ridiculous..i canXCHARXt even do this with 3 detection rate without restarting like 5 times, lol. youXCHARXre super good at this

  9. oh damn you finally did it i can tell the difficulty on this was rage inducing considering how many attempts it might have took you and how much time it took cheers.

  10. ohfuck tihis heist i filedit a lot times i cant count how much 😀 This serie is my favourite because of the intro and the outro 😀 #keepitupbro

  11. Like i said on stream…take feign dath on stealths like this hahahha to not fail a lot ^^

  12. this is one of my favorite videos of yours,i love it even if it wasn't perfect.
    you are one of my favorite sealth players of this game,good luck with your future projects and your life,i never regretted subbing you <3

    btw: nice thumbnail